“Be merciful to the people on the earth, God will be merciful upon you from heavens” – Prophet Mohammad

AHS Foundation

Delivering Hope

UK Registered Charity NO. 1113908

Sponsored by  Vigo Group UK.

Cavendish Court South Parade Doncaster | DN1 2DJ South Yorkshire | UK. 

Phone: 0845 0941 768

Corona Vaccination


Fearing the spread of Corona Infection during election campaign and voting on July 25 th, a request was made to the Health Department for providing the second dose of Vaccine for women and elderly people of the village. 

We manage to receive 80 doses yesterday and called upon the people to get  vaccinated. 80 people have been vaccinated majority of them women and elderly. Some people got their first shot. We have requested and expect more vaccines as soon as available. Our goal is to reach those who have no access to vaccination centers in Chikar and beyond for any reason.

In this remote village, most of the men work far away in cities. Only ladies, elderly or children remain in the villages. Absence of travelling facilities and no one to accompany them is big hurdle. It is therefore we focus on facilitation and arrangement to serve the most deserving, remote and isolated families.

We are trying to setup a permanent Covid Vaccination Centre at our facility with the assistance of concerning authorities.

Due to social norms of this society, we cannot share the clear pictures of ladies without their consent. 

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