“Be merciful to the people on the earth, God will be merciful upon you from heavens” – Prophet Mohammad

AHS Foundation

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Covid Cases

In Noon Bagla.

          After elections in Kashmir and death of a lady few days back by Corona we had been at high alert about pandemic. With cooperation of the Health Department 80 people were vaccinated on 28th of July at AHS Foundation’s Basi Health Center (BHC). This fear was circulated by numbers of people on social media and local groups.

           Today a corona team of Health Department visited the village and tested 23 people including 9 school children and teachers who had flue-like symptoms.

           Unfortunately, 3 school children and 3 villagers are detected positive (rate 26%). We took immediate action and contacted Assistant Commissioner Chikar, Mr. Shaukat Gilani who took prompt action.

           AHS Foundation offered part or the whole building if required for an isolation centre as there is no other place or building in the village or around to use for the purpose. We extended all help in our capacity. The Assistant Commissioner thanked ASH Foundation for the offer and said that according to the policy, all suspected patients are being isolated at their homes, and would be monitored.

          We requested Mr. A.C to arrange for more tests. He affirmed that he will do his utmost to prevent the spread of the infection and save the community.

          In the mean time, we are taking extra precautionary measures, in our capability. The community has been involved. We are using all available sources including phone calls, text messages, and discussion to make women and children aware and how to protect themselves and families.

          Thank God AHS Foundation’s staff has been tested negative. We are taking all precautions to protect our staff as well. Arrangements have been made to disinfect the building and visitors. Digital scanner is being used to take temperature from safe distance.

           Sadly, we cannot get test kits from any source at the moment. Had it been possible, we would have tested more or 100% people.

          The Project Manager reported and spoke with Founder Mr. Nadeem Shah who offered all help he can afford to fight against increasing infection and protect human life.

          I, as Project Manager request Mr. Chairman and friends of AHS Foundation to help us getting or providing “Corona test  kits” and ventilator, oxygen bottles etc if possible.

            God forbid if the situation gets worse, there is no facility around to help saving lives. Any offer regarding prevention and treatment is appealed and very much appreciated.



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