AHS Foundation

Delivering Hope

Few Words

                 AHS Foundation aims to “Deliver Hope” to under-privileged members of our society in inaccessible areas where other NGOs may not or cannot venture.

Our services are offered totally on humanitarian basis irrespective of colour, cast, creed, ethnicity, region and religion.

In return all we ask for are Prayers and hope for the Blessings of the Almighty

Nadeem Shah


AHS Foundation

                 As humans we wish to earn and accumulate sometimes a lot more then we require.

Many of our fellow human being’s desire only a source to survive. 

It is only a matter of chance. The difference between “giver and receiver is the mere length of an arm” 

Some of us are fortunate to acquire and some aspire for very little, they live a life without much desire.  

Those who have must contribute, for those who are destitute. 

AHS Foundation's Ramadan 2021

AHS Foundation Ration Package for deserving and resource less families of remote villages. 

We distributed 100 packages this Ramadan each worth Rs. 5000.

The Story

           The AHS foundation is a charity dedicated to saving lives, improving conditions, and rebuilding communities and infrastructures in areas affected by natural disasters. We are committed to providing training initiatives that empower local communities; thus enabling them to rise out of poverty and despair and once again become a self sustaining and thriving community. Currently we provide vital support to communities devastated by the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, offering aid for over 12,000 people in the Kashmir region. The village of Noon Bagla is the centre of our training and redevelopment proposals.

                     It was set up by Nadeem Shah in memory of his late father Ahmed Hassan Shah. Chaired by Nadeem with the aid of a progressive Board of Trustees the Foundation is now actively engaged in fund raising. Nadeem travelled to the devastated area almost immediately after the disastrous earthquake in October 2005. This life-changing experience convinced him of the need to establish the AHS Foundation and to make a permanent and realistic improvement to the lives of the community and people in Noon Bagla, a village left devastated by the earthquake.

Your Contribution

Can make a difference 

£1 Dehydration Salt Sachet (Six Pack), £1 Antibiotic Syrup, £2 100 Ibuprofen Tablets, £30 Nebuliser, £50 Sponsor a Health Adviser for 1 week, £70 Sponsor a Pharmacist for 1 week, £75 Sponsor a Square foot of the health centre, £100 Sponsor a Doctor for 1 week, £250 Hospital Bed, £500 Sponsor the Dispensary for 1 month


                 For me working with AHS Foundation revealed the difference between “living and leading” a life. When my 7-bedroom home was destroyed in the earthquake not only did I lose the materialistic things I had collected but also the man who had brought me up.

The loss of my father helped me to see life in a different light.

Living life with materialistic things was not as comforting as I had once thought.

My transition from living to leading was extremely difficult. However, my involvement with the foundation has enabled me understand what life with less materialistic things and lots of love from those who need and deserve our help can offer.

“From my experience I have been fortunate enough to see that inner peace is more soothing than outer comfort”

Waheed Gilani

Project Manager AHS Foundation

                      People still die but, at least we don’t regret the unaided demise of our loved ones. AHS Foundation gives us hope and a place to turn in times of need. Reaching the most deserving and needy is tangible service and the Foundation has been serving in this remote region for such a long period, is a proof of its commitment to a sincere and selfless humankind service.  Previously people of this area had no option but to suffer. Now we have a hope of care, not too far from our reach.

Thanks to contributors and Management of AHS Foundation for this charitable and self-sacrificing provision.

We have nothing to offer in return, but words of thanks, spirits of gratitude, and prayers of blessings for you and your families.

May God Almighty bless you in all aspects of your life.


Noon Bagla

Help us to educate distant children


Relief Work

After the earthquake, we were the first ever help to the people of Noon Bagla. We provided shelter and other basic amenities including food to the unaided people in severe weather conditions.


With generous help of AAPKI Foundation of Sweden, we supported Village school by building 4 wooden log cabins. Noon Bagla school children were the first to get shelter from climate changes. We are thankful to AAPKI Foundation and Dr. Zahra for the support.  AHS Foundation picked a young boy SAAD who just completed his college and was eligible to join private health education institution in Muzaffarabad. We support him for a 2 years Pharmacy Course. After that he will be a big help in the area.

Children Park

In the memory of the 14 Noon Bagla School children who lost their life in earthquake, we built a children play ground with swings, seesaws, and slide in the school area to help children to come out of shock. We try to provide nutritious food to the people during fasting month of Ramadhan and plan to continue it every year.


With help of our friends Jackei from UK and Samina from Noon Bagla, we provided short term vocational training to the young girls and ladies of Noon Bagla. Thanks to both of them for their support

Hygiene Kits

We provided and demonstrated the use of the personal hygienic items to the school children and our patients. Personal Hygiene Kits were distributed among our visiting patients and the school children 


Noon Bagla   and its catchment area needed long term support as there was nothing one can call basic facility. The health of people was our priority. We found that there was nothing regarding health, except uneducated and untrained, healers the people rely upon. Countable trained health professionals were available in cities and big towns dozens of miles away.    We discussed …… Read more >>


Basic Health Centre Location