Medical Camp for Women

Medical Camp for Women

19/06/2021 0

AHS Foundation BHC Noon Bagla.

Medical Camp for Women


          Free Medical Camp for Women and Children.

         AHS Foundation arranged and facilitated free medical camp for ladies and children

         From Population Welfare Department following staff provided free consultation  and medicine to visitors.

     1- Dr. Irum Rasheed FMO (Female Medical Officer)

     2- Perveen Akhter LHV ( Lady Health Visitor)

     3- Shaheen Bi Bi. Assistant

     4- Mehfooza Perveen (Aya. Care taker)

     5- Syeda Asrat Gilani LHW (Lady Health Worker) 

          AHS Foundation issued a consent letter to the in-charge to use  our facility in future for free medical camps. 

           The visiting staff of Population Welfare Department appreciated the assistance and facilitation. The in-charge assured to arrange another camp in 3 months time.

*** Due to local norms and tradition, we cannot upload clear or closeup pictures of the ladies.

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