“Be merciful to the people on the earth, God will be merciful upon you from heavens” – Prophet Mohammad

AHS Foundation

Delivering Hope

UK Registered Charity NO. 1113908

Sponsored by  Vigo Group UK.

Cavendish Court South Parade Doncaster | DN1 2DJ South Yorkshire | UK. 

Phone: 0845 0941 768

First Dose of Covid Vaccination

AHS Foundation BHC provides all available help to facilitate the Covid-19 Vaccination provided free by state government. 

Elderly people and women were unable to visit distant camps for vaccination. People were hesitant because of the rumours, but AHS staff got the injections in presence of community. It encouraged the people and 85 people including women vaccinated.


We had been in close contact with Health Department and arranged an other Covid Vaccination camp at AHS Foundation BHC Noon Bagla.

After last camp, we had been engaging and encouraging people to get the vaccination for protection of whole community and area. We got fantastic response from community.

Today, 101 people were vaccinated. 3 people who appear for injection but denied due to their medical history. All 3 appreciated the care and advice on their medical history.

We’ll do our best to facilitate the future camps of same kind.

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