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Pakistan Flood 2022 Relief

13/10/2022 Charity 0

AHS Flood Relief in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan Floods 2022

An all times record heavy flood hits Pakistan. From mountainous of northern region to plains of Punjab. Kashmir and Baluchistan. It is  playing havoc in Sindh and  eventually subsiding in Arabian Sea.

Hundreds of people and thousands of livestock has died. Mud houses in the rural areas melted and crops destroyed. Leaving millions homeless and vulnerable to food shortage and shelter. Disease like cholera, skin infection, stomach disorder and dengue are adding to the miseries.

Still to come the details of our contribution in remote areas of Sindh province of Pakistan where delievery of relief is in progress.

AHS Foundation has reached to play part in relief work. We have donated hundreds of food packages for an average family enough for one month. The package contains  other commodities including medicine, tents, mosquito nets, dry milk, clean drinking water, blankets and clothing. Funding of millions of Rupees has been arranged for this purpose. Our volunteers have reached to the most affected areas of North and in Sindh to deliver the packages to most deserving and deprived families in inaccessible areas.

AHS Foundation thanks to the donors for funding and volunteers who made it possible

Flood Relief in Sindh

In the second phase of flood relief, 350 food packages and other required items like taints, blankets, mats, and mosquito nets were distributed in Dadu Sindh area at remote places.

Below is amateur footage of the well planned distribution made in difficult situation. We are happy to reach to the isolated people with help of our friends. They made it possible for us by donating generously.

Flood Relief in Fazilpur Sindh.

AHS Foundation has sent truck loads of food packages and other relief goods to Fazilpur Village of District Rajanpur in Sindh. 

Earlier, we have helped hundreds of families in Swat District in Northern Area of KPK and Daud District of Sindh.

Wer are thankful to our friends who donated for this nobal cause and made AHS Foundation proud of being helpful to humanity in need.

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