“Be merciful to the people on the earth, God will be merciful upon you from heavens” – Prophet Mohammad

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Noon Bagla

                      34 ô   North, 73 ô  East. 2030 meters (6600 ft)altitude Himalayan region in Jhelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, 190 kilometers from Islamabad and 62 kilometers from Azad Kashmir’s Capital Muzaffarabad, Noon Bagla is a small village. It used to be the hub of Chikar and Khawara Valleys containing dozens of villages and summer settlements before earthquake. At dead-end of small road Noon Bagla is remote and isolated now as the shops and business destroyed in the earthquake and no heed is given to this village after the calamity.        

                 For decades there is no development in the area particularly the Noon Bagla. Thick pine forests once used to be the master piece of nature shrunk because of illegal and un controlled chopping of the trees and smuggling. Constitutionally Noon Bagla is named as Health Resort but, the 2 rooms Tourist Rest House is now a ghost house after the damage by earthquake and negligence of authorities.

                Majority of male population of Noon Bagla and its surrounding works in cities of Pakistan. Countable people are serving in several government departments and therefore have stable source of income. More then 95% work as daily wagers, in distant cities.

              Lack of financial resources affects the life and living standard of the people. They cannot afford good food, better education and reasonable health. The little they earn is spent on basic food and other requirements of daily life at relatively higher prices. Consequently the youth supposed to be in universities and technical institutions works hundreds of miles away from their families to earn and support families. Remaining back in the villages are the women, the children and the aged males too fragile to work now.

              It is not possible for an individual or a single NGO to change the destiny of these resourceless, neglected people. Large scale planning and huge long term investment is required to educate and train the people, and set up an infrastructure for sustainable evolution.

Why Noon Bagla?

                AHS Foundation chose Noon Bagla for its activities because of region’s isolation. This village is at the end of a small road and has no basic facilities. Our mission is to reach for serving the most deserving, secluded, deprived, and resource less section of the society, which  is indeed the genuine help. Habitations on remote hilltops are thinly scattered which hardly get attention of society or authorities. Therefore, they suffer a lot for very minor requirements. We thank God and our friends for the privilege of serving in difficult area for last 11 years and willing to continue till long with help of our friends.