“Be merciful to the people on the earth, God will be merciful upon you from heavens” – Prophet Mohammad

AHS Foundation

Delivering Hope

UK Registered Charity NO. 1113908

Sponsored by  Vigo Group UK.

Cavendish Court South Parade Doncaster | DN1 2DJ South Yorkshire | UK. 

Phone: 0845 0941 768

District Health Officer. Dr. Tahir Raheem Mughal along with Dr. Omer, Zakir Kazmi and other staff rushed to AHS Foundation’s Basic Health Centre this morning after the death of a minor child, and many other having sever symptoms of the gastroenteritis epidemic.

More then 70 people including women, children and elderly were treated. We offered all available resources and help to fight against the calamity hitting the area.

Mr. Tahir Raheem Mughal appreciated the AHS Foundation’s contribution and standard services to isolated people of remote area. He was happy to see the arrangements and valued the role of  The Foundation.

He was keen to work jointly in future.

AHS Foundation offered all available facilitation in fight against the seasonal disease.

AHS Foundation is grateful to DHO Dr. Tahir Mughal, Dr. Omer, Lady Health Visitor, Ms. Annam and other staff who rushed to help the people.

Pictures by Chikar Media Service. Raja Muneeb Chikarivi

Picture by Riasat Ali

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