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Lady Died

The mother of Tasawar Gilani who resides in UK, has died after few weeks ailment. She was buried in the...
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Pharmacist - Dispenser joined AHS Foundation on permanent basis. Saad Waheed who was supported by AHS Foundation for Pharmacist /...
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Clashes at LOC

Tense Situation at LOC Shell fire explosions can be heard from Noon Bagla. According to a friend Mr. Rashid Hussain...
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More Snowfall

After 2 days of partial cloudy weather it started snowing again at about noon time. 4 inches of snowfall in...
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Dispenser Joined

Mr. Mir AfsarThe Dispenser from Health Department is sent by DHO (District Health Officer) Mr. Dr. Farooq Awan to serve...
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Road Opened

Road to Noon Bagla has been opened after few days. A machine from PWD (Public Works Department) reached Noon Bagla,...
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Aftab Gilani (Bagh) died.

Aftab Gilani The young man, father of 3 minor children passed away after a couple of months long ailment. He...
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Noon Bagla Snow

After 3 days of medium to light rain, snowfall started in Noon Bagla.  
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Another Spell of Bad Weather

After 3 days of stable weather another spell of bad weather is hitting Noon Bagla today. Jeeps couldn't make it...
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Heavy Snowfall

Heavy snowfall in Noon Bagla and around. Road to Noon Bagla is closed for all kind of vehicles including 4...
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