Lady Died

The mother of Tasawar Gilani who resides in UK, has died after few weeks ailment. She was buried in the afternoon in family graveyard. AHS Foundation offers cordial condolence to grieved family and wish peace and blessings for departed soul.

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Pharmacist – Dispenser joined AHS Foundation on permanent basis. Saad Waheed who was supported by AHS Foundation for Pharmacist / Dispenser diploma has joined AHS Foundation from 1st of May 2019. In a 3 years course, he successfully completed studies, practicals and more then 2 years house job at Abbas Institute of Medical Science (AIMS)…
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01/05/2019 1

Clashes at LOC

Tense Situation at LOC Shell fire explosions can be heard from Noon Bagla. According to a friend Mr. Rashid Hussain from Dhani Baqalan 2 fighter plains of Indian Air Force have been shot down in Chakothi Sector a while ago.

27/02/2019 0

More Snowfall

After 2 days of partial cloudy weather it started snowing again at about noon time. 4 inches of snowfall in three hours. The weather is unusual this year. AHS Foundation has enough medicine stock for the season.  However people don’t have access to some basic commodities like vegetables and fuel or fuel wood.  26/02/2019. Weather…
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25/02/2019 1

Dispenser Joined

Mr. Mir Afsar The Dispenser from Health Department is sent by DHO (District Health Officer) Mr. Dr. Farooq Awan to serve from AHS Foundation’s Basic Health Centre. Under an MOU signed in between AHS Foundation and Health Department last year, both sides are cooperating and AHS Foundation is already providing facilities for EPI program by…
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21/02/2019 1

Road Opened

Road to Noon Bagla has been opened after few days. A machine from PWD (Public Works Department) reached Noon Bagla, enabling 4 wheel vehicles to access Noon Bagla.

19/02/2019 1

Aftab Gilani (Bagh) died.

Aftab Gilani The young man, father of 3 minor children passed away after a couple of months long ailment. He remained in Rawal Pindi hospital but sent back home in Irara Bagh few days back. He passed away around 4 a.m this morning. May God Bless him

17/02/2019 1

Noon Bagla Snow

After 3 days of medium to light rain, snowfall started in Noon Bagla.  

14/02/2019 1

Another Spell of Bad Weather

After 3 days of stable weather another spell of bad weather is hitting Noon Bagla today. Jeeps couldn’t make it to the village today due to slippery road from Dharian to Noon Bagla. It started raining late morning today. If it starts snowfall again, the life will be miserable in this remote area isolated by…
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Heavy Snowfall

Heavy snowfall in Noon Bagla and around. Road to Noon Bagla is closed for all kind of vehicles including 4 wheel drives. Life is standing still. Hope the road will be opened soon for jeep

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