Zaffar Shah Died of heart attack

Zaffar alias Majnoo died of heart attack on his way back from Muzaffarabad with a wedding party. He complained chest pain while travelling with other people of the village. He was rushed to nearby Garhi Dupata clinic but couldn’t survive. Zaffar is younger brother of Azam Shah who stays in UK

24/11/2019 5

Young man died in an accident

A young man 26, Jamshed Khan working in a China Company as excavator operator died in accident early this morning. His body is arriving in Noon Bagla this evening. He left behind 3 minor daughters all under age 7 and a young widow. Heart breaking scenes in his family and house.

17/11/2019 0

Zamir Gilani Died

Zamir Gilani who suffered from heart problem a week ago passed away in Rawalpindi hospital. Mr. Zamir was a popular, gaily person. May his soul rest in peace

10/10/2019 0

Medical Camp

Mr. Aref arrived with his friends and 2 doctors, Mr. Ashraf Akram Khan and Dr. Mehrban A. Ghani. From 10:15 am to 4:15 pm a total of 353 patients, majority of women and children were checked up and provided free medicines which were purchased prior to the camp. AHS Foundation thanks the visiting guest and…
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19/09/2019 0

Tourism Explore Bike Rally

A group of bikers, arrived Noon Bagla from Lahore and other parts of Pakistan for one night camping in Noon Bagla. The bikers were received by government officials at Kohala, and welcomed by local groups at different points from Kohala to Noon Bagla. AHS Foundation provided all possible facilitation to the local security officials, administration,…
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28/07/2019 0

Flood in Neelum Valley

24 people including 12 from Faisalabad feared dead and 41 missing after flood tears into Laswa Village of Wadi Neelum of Azad Kashmir. According to reports almost 300 houses are completely wiped away in a stream which flooded due to heavy rain and cloud burst in the area. Army and Civil administration is busy in…
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16/07/2019 0

Medicine Stock Purchased

New medicine stock purchased and dispatched to AHS Foundation BHC Noon Bagla. The Stock arrived at health Centre without any loss. Big relief to the people who thanked AHS Foundation for continuous support.

01/07/2019 0

Noon Bagla Won School Case

People of Noon Bagla won the case against degradation of Government Boys School. Supreme Court of AJK decided in favour of the just demand of Noon Bagla and ordered the authorities to restore its status to previous state of High School upgraded by previous government and degraded by present authority. After unsuccessful attempts to get…
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14/06/2019 0

Free Medical Camp

God Willing, A free medical camp will held at BHC Noon Bagla on 19 September 2019. At least 3 Pakistani British Doctors will check the patients from 10 am till last patient. Please get your number from AHS Foundation BHC Noon Bagla counter.   Muhammad Aref انشاء اللہ 3 پاکستانی نژاد برطانوی ڈاکٹر 19 ستمبر…
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14/06/2019 2

Happy Eid from AHS Foundation

Eid is being celebrated in Pakistan. AHS Foundation wishes Happy Eid to all friends. Thank you very much for your contribution during Ramadan and beyond.

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