Mr. Nadeem Shah visited to the AHS Basic Health Centre (BHC) Noon Bagla to meet with the community and attend a scheduled meeting with DHO (District Health Officer of Jhelum Valley). Headmaster (Ret.) Mr. S.M. Azad from Noon Bagla and Mr. Ch. M. Ismail from Khawra Valley were present along with other community members. Both spokes persons expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for the services of AHS Foundation.

 They appealed the Chairman to continue the service under AHS Supervision as the help is facilitating the people, particularly the women and children of vast area of District Jhelum Valley and Muzaffarabd. District Health Officer Dr. Mr. Farooq Awan arrived around 11:30. Among the people he appreciated the services of AHS Foundation and admitted that role of AHS Foundation is exemplary which can be compared to highest standard of services provided in any hospital in the region. He articulated his wish to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with AHS Foundation to avoid duplication of services as well as to get access of the records which can help the health department in findings and policy making.
The Chairman asked the DHO to help by appointing an MBBS Doctor and qualified LHW (Lady Health Worker) once alternate week. DHO Mr. Awan accepted the point and requested the Chairman to pay transportation cost of the Doctor and LHW for one day every week. The Chairman accepted the request and asked Project Manager to arrange for that. 

A draft of MOU is constructed and is under discussion of the BODs of AHS Foundation. As soon as the draft is finalized, the Project Manager Mr. Waheed Gilani will sign it on behalf of AHS Foundation and hand it over to the Health Department through District Health Officer Mr. Farooq Awan. 


Mrs. Najma briefly introduced WWO and its mission as well as how it works on women welfare projects of women education, health, and finance. She briefed the achievements of WWO while working all over Azad Kashmir and positive results of the activities. 
With help of her group, she put forward few preliminary questions about issues regarding women in the area and asked for suggestions for a solution. The majority of women said that women health, and women education is the major issue. Their second issue was the financial situation of the majority of people. The participants collectively requested an LHW (Lady Health Worker) on permanent and daily basis at Noon Bagla and a qualified gynecologist, physician, dentist at least once or twice in a month. Also time to time the medical camps to facilitate the people of remote localities. 
After the casual discussion the President WWO suggested the women to make groups of ladies who can utilize the available resources to produce in livestock and cultivation. The groups would be trained by WWO professionals and a systematic marketing of the production would be the responsibility of WWO. 
The meeting concluded with a declaration that the participants would deliver the message to those who are not present here. Groups of women would be formulated for different activities. 
If the people are willing to share part of the cost of better education of the girls, an academy could be considered to facilitate them. 



 More Snowfall:- 9" inches to 1 foot more snowfall in Noon Bagla. The road was closed for few days after heavy snowfall in Noon Bagla. The PWD (Public Works Department) machine cleared the road last week which is closed again but hope the 4 wheeler can make it here


A scheduled meeting of Project Manager Waheed Gilani with President WWO (Women Welfare Organization) Mrs. Najma Shakur, held in her Rawal Pindi Office. Matters of mutual co-operation for improved services were discussed. Both sides were satisfied and optimistic that many a things can be improved by reciprocated plans and sharing experience and resources. A summary of the meeting is under contemplation of the Chairman Mr. N. Shah and BODs of AHS Foundation. 

Two feet and a half snowfall in Noon Bagla made the life stand still. Temperature fall below zero. As there is no proper heating arrangements or system in houses, we fear affects of severe cold on people’s health mainly the children and elders. We have pre-arranged and are prepared to help in this extreme cold situation.


HMC (Hospital Management Committee) and community leaders of surrounding villages met with Project Manager at AHS BHC (Basic Health Centre) Noon Bagla for an annual appraisal of activities and discussions. We are happy to remark that not a single word of protest or criticism came out. Rather, all members and community leaders thanked AHS Foundation for vibrant and regular help. The members and community leaders also requested AHS Foundation Chairman Mr. Nadeem Shah to visit the Health Centre and give them a chance to thank him, as well as the friends of AHS Foundation who are providing exemplary services to poor people of region. 

In a ninety minute meeting with the Pakistan High Commissioner, His Excellency Wajid Hasan, on 24th February AHS Foundation representatives were praised for the work they have done in Kashmir 

2011 News 

A team of six from Pro Doncaster – the borough’s professional service group were incarcerated in HMP and YOI Doncaster in aid of our Health Centre Appeal. Andrew McKenna, Nigel Brewster, Paul Goel, Kelvin Fitton, Liz Dickson and Daniel Fell were breakfasting at The Regent Hotel, Doncaster, when they found themselves being arrested, handcuffed and escorted off the premises. Crowds watched helplessly as the “Six” were bundled into waiting police vehicles and driven off to prison for crimes they had not committed. “Free the Pro Doncaster Six” the crowds cried, while the “Six” pleaded their innocenceThe only way to secure their release was for each of them to raise a minimum of £500 each and so to work… The rest of the day was spent calling people up and asking for help to raise the necessary bail money.; The public reaction was swift. The initial sense of outrage was soon transmuted into a surge of generosity.; By the end of the day, £5,000 had been raised and the Pro Doncaster Six were able to return home to their loved ones. 

2009 News 

A medical camp was held at the AHS Foundation’s Dispensary / Health Centre site,two hundred and forty eight patients were treated and provided with medicines by Medical Doctor Mr. Saleem Akhtar and Assisting staff Ms. Farhat Aara, Ms.Nuzhat Aafreen, Mr.Usman, and Mr. Naseer. This baby was severely under weight and suffering from malnutrition when her mother brought her to see the visiting doctor. Previously she didn’t have any access to medical help and had no transport to take her to the nearest hospital in Muzafarabad. The baby was provided with food supplements and medicines.

 A man was brought to the camp from the village of Badyala. He had been severely bleeding from his nose for two days. The Doctor immediately checked the patient and found that the man was suffering from seriously high blood. Thankfully he got diagnosed and received medication in time. Many of the children were suffering from worms, stomach problems, high fevers and malnutrition. Medicines and food supplements were provided for them. 

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