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 THROUGH  The District Health Officer



                 THE AHS FOUNDATION

                                            THROUGH The Project Manager



In light of the Preliminary Discussion between;

The District Health Officer Jhelum Valley AJK and

The Chairman AHS Foundation, on October 31, 2017. At Noon Bagla Chikar AJK.




Is made the day 24th of February 2018, in between

Mr. Dr. Farooq Ahmed Awan

On behalf of the Health Department of The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir




Mr. M. Waheed Gilani

On behalf of the AHS Foundation UK


Copy of this Document to;


  1. Health Department of The State of AJK.
  2. AHS Foundation




In pursuance of abovementioned agreement, the parties shall carry on the services subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the M.O.U.


This M.O.U. witnesses as follows;


1-The AHS Foundation’s Basic Health Centre (Dispensary) providing health services free of check-up and medicine cost on a nominal visit fee from September 2007 on humanitarian basis, without any obligation. AHS Foundation makes decision on basis of its finding and with consultation of local community. AHS reserve the right of terminating its voluntary services at any time with or without notice.

2- The AHS Foundation reserves the right to sign agreement with other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Departments, Corporate and Individuals willing to work for Social Welfare, and utilize its facility. Any coordinator, (individuals, Corporation, departments, NGOs) has no right to demand, claim, alter and differ the decision made by AHS Foundation regarding facilities and premises.

3- The AHS Foundation has all the rights to decide about its health facility, projects, property and assets without any hindrance.


Requisites of M.O.U;


  1. The Health Department will use the building space as per requirement without any charge for EPI (Immunization Program), Medical camps, Workshops, Refresher Courses, Public awareness, and other matters of public interests.
  2. During the exercise of any activity, the routine services of AHS Foundation shall not be interrupted unless replication.
  3. Proper manors of responsibility shall be conducted and no damage will be made to the property, equipments, furniture and cleanliness of the premises. Any damage due to carelessness, mishandling, and negligence shall be covered by the concerning party.
  4. Both sides are free to proceed according to their practical rules. None shall interfere, or force other to deviate the rules and regulations set by law, constitution and or management.
  5. Both sides shall help each other in matters of public service.
  6. Both sides shall share required wide-ranging records for knowledge, evaluation, planning, policy and precautions keeping the confines of confidentiality protected and isolated.
  7. The in-authority personnel of both sides shall meet time to time to apprise each other and enhance mutual cooperation.
  8. Both parties shall inform any change of staff, individual, groups and or modification of responsibilities of concerning personal.
  9. The Property of AHS Foundation cannot be used for individual and personal affairs from both sides.
  10. As discussed and agreed by the DHO, and the Chairman AHS Foundation, the Health Department shall arrange for a Physician and a Leady Health professional for one precise day per week. The Physician and the Lady Health Professional will visit AHS BHC on alternate week. AHS Foundation will pay an amount of Pakistani Rupees Rs. 2,500 per trip for the transportation and other costs of the Visiting Health Professional. The Foundation is not liable to pay an individual or a group for official visits, campaigns, tours or coursework of the department.  
  11. Any party who intends to terminate this M.O.U shall serve the written notice to the other party at least two weeks prior to the termination date. No party shall claim the assets of other party, under use during the retro of mutual sharing and understanding.
  12. This M.O.U has possibility of extension, contraction, modification, and amendment. The AHS Foundation’s Chairman, BODs, Representative, and Senior Officials, or authorized person of Health Department reserve the right to revise, rewrite, and or re-constitute the M.O.U at current or high level.


Signed on Behalf of

Health Department, State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.


--------signatures DHO


Signed on Behalf of

AHS Foundation


------- signature Project Manager



Additional Signatories;


Dr. Ferhan- Dr. Arshed and Mr. Muneeb Chikarvi.


Cavendish Court South Parade
Doncaster | DN1 2DJ
South Yorkshire | UK

Phone: 0845 0941 768 info@ahsfoundation.co.uk
101- Pine Street.
Off. A.Q Khan Road

Bani Gala- Islamabad.
Phone:- + 92 300 5115 691 info@ahsfoundation.co.uk
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